Friday, 25 April 2014

My charm bracelets exclusively for Strawberry Fox

If you've seen my Facebook page recently, you may have seen the bracelets I have made exclusively for Strawberry Fox. The first is available to buy now at and is full of red and green leaves and beads, with white and yellow flowers and enamel style strawberry charms, plus one of Strawberry Fox's special little strawberry message box lockets.

Strawberry bracelet by Pirate Treasures for Strawberry Fox

I am making another mixed berry style bracelet, which I'll be sending to Strawberry Fox as soon as I can finish making them - I'm still waiting for some antique brass finish strawberry charms to arrive. Here's a preview:

Mixed berry bracelet by Pirate Treasures for Strawberry Fox

Strawberry Fox grow amazing strawberries and raspberries in West Sussex and Kathy (aka Mrs Strawberry Fox) does special things with a chocolate machine and her own magical hands to create swirly patterns and designs of deliciousness. Then they get packed into special little boxes with a delightful card designed by artist Jackie Morris along with whatever else is in the hamper package you've chosen. A perfect gift or tempting treat for yourself!
One of Strawberry Fox's delicious strawberries

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