Sunday, 22 May 2011

Challenge 52 - Week 7 - more Pirates!

Yes I know I haven't done a post called 'Week 6', but that was the Folksy Friday I did last week, my Challenge to myself was to try and do one Folksy Friday a month...let's see how far I get with that!

The last week or so has been really busy...
My brother and his family moved into a house 10 minutes walk from mine - he had been working abroad for 9 years, met his wife there and they have two small children. So that was a major event! I, Mr Treasures and my parents spent a lot of time going backwards & forwards to the house (which they had been renting out since buying it a couple of years ago) getting it as ready as possible for their return. Then we had to be there when they arrived from Heathrow Airport as they didn't have any keys themselves! Luckily it's been sunny up until today, so they have had a nice welcome and a chance to walk around and get to know the area. 
This week it was my birthday, which has meant cake and Chinese food in between a trip to the gym - yes even on my birthday, have to keep up the twice a week as much as possible!
Then we went to see my daughter's AS Level play for Theatre Studies - Berkoff's interpretation of Kafka's The Trial, so confusing but well done!
Thursday we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides. Well obviously it was really good, though I'm not sure I enjoyed it as much as the previous films, but Captain Jack Sparrow was his usual character!
So guess what? I've been making more pirate jewellery for the website! I have also been making a few different styles of designs for my Folksy shop, but finding the time has been a Challenge!

Well that's enough from me for now, I had better dash round with a duster as my parents are coming for a cup of tea after the Grand Prix which is just finishing!
Bye for now,

Friday, 13 May 2011

Folksy Friday - Pirates!

This Folksy Friday is a little late due to Blogger being offline all day and deleting my draft!
So this week I decided to do a Folksy Friday selection based on pirates because I'm a little excited about "Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides" coming out next week! As the first Pirates film was my inspiration to make jewellery in the first place I felt I ought to do something to mark the occasion.
The first four are from my own Folksy shop Pirate Treasures Jewellery and the rest of the lovely goodies should be clickable photos to take you to their creators' shops. It was very difficult to narrow down the selection of piratical awesomeness, but I hope you like these ones...

Pirate Treasures Jewellery Pirate Treasures Jewellery
Pirate Treasures JewelleryPirate Treasures Jewellery

Gaia Noir Sparrow Primitives
Dab and a dash Socklings
Aunty Joan Crafts Hop To It Craft ShopHoneysuckle Rose Crafts MagpieAccessories

Here's where they came from: 1) Gaia Noir 2) Sparrow Primitives 3) Dab and a dash 4) Socklings 5) Aunty Joan 6) Hop To It Craft Shop 7) Honeysuckle Rose Crafts 8) Magpie Accessories ...please go and take a look in their shops to see what else is on offer!


Monday, 9 May 2011

Challenge 52 - week 5 - catching up (part 1)

Only a day late! This week has been mostly about catching up and probably Week 6 will be too. I caught up with my 'ideas' list of making, but there haven't been quite enough hours in the day to get everything added to the website!

These are a few of the new designs on the website Pirate Treasures over the last week...

I've also been keeping up with the Mayhems on Folksy. Here's a couple of my listings from the week...

I'm planning on doing a Folksy Friday for my next blog post, I've got the subject sorted, just need the time to find all the lovely goodies to show!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Challenge 52 - week 4 - Pirates!

I did indeed manage to catch up with my blogging and am now up to date, well done me!!
This week, as you may have guessed by the title, I have been making pirate style jewellery. I'm a little excited by the fact that Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides is released in three weeks' time! So I have been making pirate charm bracelets in a variety of colours...I have put them on my website Pirate Treasures Jewellery and one in my Folksy shop, where I added a matching necklace.

The Steampunk jewellery I made the other day is now dry, but I haven't
added it to the website yet. I should get round to that tomorrow morning, hopefully.

I hadn't realised that you only get 200 photos with the free version of Flickr, so I'll have to rethink my plans there - I've already added 193 and haven't finished! I might just put a selection, or only things made in the last year - if anyone reading this can suggest what they do please add a comment! I may also make a Gallery on my website. I had planned on using Flickr instead, but I haven't used up too much of my website space, so might be able to do something on the site to show Sold stock in case anyone wants to commission something based on a previous design, I used to have a slideshow of sold jewellery on my previous website and had a couple of custom orders that way. Something to work on when I have enough time!

Plans for this week are: make more pirate jewellery and add the steampunk things to the website. Shouldn't be too difficult!